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Board of Directors& Committees


As a Non-Profit organization, Friends of the Shelter is dedicated to keeping an open accounting of expenses and officers. We believe this will accomplish two goals: First to show members and donors where their money is spent, and second to demonstrate the need for more funding for FOS and the shelter!




Board of Directors

Dinah Presnell - President 

Joanie Roper - Vice President

Leigh Ann Baker - Secretary  

Joyce Evans - Treasurer

Connie Goodwin - Public Relations Chair

Debbie Sharp - Membership Chair

Yolanda Green
Jennifer Nagle
- Spay/Neuter Chair


Committee Chairs & Duties

Debbie Sharp - Membership: Maintaining the necessary membership base to sustain the Friends of the Shelter.


Connie Goodwin - Public Relations: Articulating and publicizing the work of the Friends of the Shelter and its committees.


Dinah Presnell & Jennifer Nagle - Adoption/Shelter: Coordinating the Foster Care and Adoption programs to place more homeless animals in good homes.


Jennifer Nagle - Spay/Neuter: Increasing the number of spayed and neutered dogs and cats in Bell County.


Debbie Sharp - Humane Hearts

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