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Animal Rescue

For several years FOS has supported the Bell County Animal Shelter in its efforts to relocate adoptable animals to no kill shelters and rescue groups.  While spay/neuter surgeries have decreased the flow of unwanted or stray pets, there are still many more pets coming into the shelter than the number that are adopted.  The Shelter partners with several groups in KY, TN, and the Northeastern States to facilitate the safe transfer of these pets.  Friends of the Shelter provides the funds for vaccines, flea treatment, and other health related needs that the animals need before they can begin their journey to finding a new home.  FOS volunteers assist in transporting some of the animals to other areas at their own expense.  In 2019, 1281 dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens were transported to begin new lives.  Without the transport program, a great many of those pets would have been euthanized because there is not enough space at the Shelter to house them all.  Rescue and Transport are hard work for all involved, but worth the effort to save lives.  Local adoptions can also play an important part in saving lives and reducing the number of pets that have to be transported.


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