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How to Adopt


Things to consider before you adopt a pet:

Can you afford a pet?  Pets require yearly vaccinations, vet checkup, worming on a regular basis, food, flea and tick prevention, and spay/neuter surgery to prevent unwanted litters.  Pets also need a safe place to live and play, inside or outside the home.  Fencing and dog lots can be expensive to purchase.  Some rental property owners require a financial deposit before you can have a pet.  If your pet becomes ill, can you afford to take it to the vet and provide treatment if needed?  Dogs need a collar and tag to identify them in case they are lost, hurt, or bite someone.  Cats can also wear collars with tags for the same reason.

Is your lifestyle appropriate for pet ownership?  Pets are social animals that need companionship, so check your schedule to see if you can offer a pet the time that it needs each day.  Many pets need exercise every day, so consider not only the time that it requires to walk you dog, but whether you have an area available that is safe for you and the dog for walking or playing.  Do you travel a lot?  If so, where will your pet be housed or cared for while you are gone?  Do you have other family members or pets that must be considered before you adopt an animal.  Do you live in rental houseing?  Do you need landlord approval before adopting?  What will happen to your pet if you have to move?

If you have decided after all your consideration that a pet is right for you, then the ideal place to get one is from an animal shelter.  The Bell County Animal Shelter has dogs, cats, puppies and kittens for adoption.  The adoption fee is $70.00 and includes a vet visit, one set of vaccinations, one worming, and spay/neuter surgery.  The local vets in Bell, Harlan and Harrogate, TN support adoption from the Shelter by offering this special pricing to adopters from Bell County.  When you adopt from a shelter you save the lives of the pets you adopt and make space at the shelter for another pet that might be homeless.

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